Debugging Golang Applications With Visual Studio Code — Notes on how to debug golang with VS Code. Launching with dotenv, cmd argumentes, setting breakpoints and investigating stack variables and segmentation faults.

sqliteviz — Go application that creates ERD diagrams in DOT, PNG and SVG from SQLite database files using a dot template for Graphviz.

2022-03-28 · Matrix and Vector Arithmetic With Gonum — Multiplying matrices and vectors with Gonum, a set of numeric libraries for Golang, supporting linear algebra, statistics, optimization, and more.

2022-03-27 · Observability: OpenTelemetry Context Propagation in Go — The goal of observability is a holistic understanding of one or more application operations in distributed systems. A superset of monitoring, that holds the ability to measure system internal state by its outputs, such as metrics, events, logs and traces.

Golang Conditional Compilation With Build Tags — Go does not have a preprocessor but supports build tags. Using Go build tags allows us to compile applications with specific features and include or exclude certain functionality at compile time.

Profiling Golang with pprof — Brief reference guide on how to use Go tool pprof to collect CPU profiles, traces, and heap profiles in order to debug Go applications at runtime on http interfaces.

2021-11-12 · Replacing packr with go:embed to Embed Files & Directories — Go native tooling to embed static files into binaries for simple deployments and dependency management.

2021-07-09 · Gemini Gemlog alongside a Go Hugo Blog — The Gemini protocol is a lightweight alternative to http. This post has my notes on deploying gmifs and hosting the Gemini version of this web log on OpenBSD.

2021-07-02 · Why Wrapping Go Errors and How to Unwrap — Go error handling has come a long way, yet it isn’t applied in many packages still and the concepts are often not understood. This post takes a stab at explaining it with simple examples.

2021-06-14 · Hugo blog from scratch - blogging with simple documents — Notes on setting up a minimal web log with hugo from scratch.

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