2022-06-05 · Collapse: Limits to Sustainability — Collapse marks a rapid simplification of society. Surprisingly, collapse tends to be driven by the efforts of civilizations to sustain themselves. Sustainability requires greater consumption and increased complexity. Complexity is a function of problem solving and allows societies to grow, but it is also a key driver behind collapse.

2022-02-12 · Modern Day Bread and Circuses — Superficial appeasement, opiates and distraction are tools used by governments when things fall apart. 2000 years after Decimus Junius Juvenalis coined the term ‘Bread and Games’ in Rome in Satire X, the term still coins societies core drive to cater to our most basic desires.

2022-01-30 · Processing Information and Learning — Effectively separating the signal from the noise, recognizing biases and reconstructing problems with first principles for innovation over iteration.

2021-12-04 · Web3 - What The Internet Was Meant To Be — The Web3 is recently everywhere, my exploratory notes on the technology, its trajectory without the hype and criticism.

2021-11-26 · Aspiring to Writing Well — Care about readers and value. A few timeless rules for the craft of writing and aspiring artisans.

2021-08-28 · Service Oriented Architecture and Layered Application Design — Application design in SOA setups aid test confidence and maintainability as well as robustness of systems. It requires discipline and guiding standards especially for teams with high autonomy and independence.

2021-07-03 · Gemini: Revival of Simplicity and the Old Internet — Figuring out what made thoe original internet so appealing. Nostalgia and the journey of seeking focus and a high signal to noise ratio in a complex, numbing and noisy world.

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