2021-12-26 · Static Site Generator for Web Analytics Dashboards — GoAccess, an open-source, static site generator for privacy focused, self-contained server side analytics dashboards that works for web, onion and the gemini protocol.

2021-09-26 · Self Hosted WireGuard VPN on OpenBSD — Notes on setting up an extremely simple, modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography to provide proper privacy and can provide perfect forward secrecy.

2021-07-24 · Hosting Tor Hidden Services with Vanity .onion Addresses — Setting up a Tor v3 hidden service on OpenBSD with vanity .onion address, serving content with httpd.

2021-07-09 · Gemini Gemlog alongside a Go Hugo Blog — The Gemini protocol is a lightweight alternative to http. This post has my notes on deploying gmifs and hosting the Gemini version of this web log on OpenBSD.

2021-07-02 · OpenBSD Web Server with httpd and Let's Encrypt — Setting up an OpenBSD https web server with httpd, acme and free SSL certificates to get an SSL Labs A+ score.

2021-07-01 · Hosted OpenBSD Server Setup — Notes for setting up an OpenBSD cloud server on vultr for $5 a month. What is currently hosting this blog.

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