How to add any WireGuard VPN Client? — Quick summary of how to create a client configuration from a wireguard server.

2021-09-26 · Self Hosted WireGuard VPN on OpenBSD — Notes on setting up an extremely simple, modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography to provide proper privacy and can provide perfect forward secrecy.

2021-08-29 · Privacy Phone With Google Pixel and Calyx OS — Driven by growing mistrust in Big Tech, this is an educational journey with a deGoogled, privacy phone, so everything that happens on the phone, stays on the phone.

2021-07-03 · Gemini: Revival of Simplicity and the Old Internet — Figuring out what made thoe original internet so appealing. Nostalgia and the journey of seeking focus and a high signal to noise ratio in a complex, numbing and noisy world.

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