Ubuntu Nginx Reverse Proxy CORS Headers — Transparently adding Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) headers to an Nginx reverse proxy for exposed services.

Ubuntu Deploy, Build and Run Go Services — Quick and dirty approach for rapid development without CI/CD pipelines. We sometimes have to push and build on target machines in short iterations quickly, on a VPS environment powered by the likes of Vultr, Digital Ocean or Linode, shared with small teams.

Ubuntu Expose Services Behind an Nginx Reverse Proxy — Routing multiple services exposed locally on different ports and paths through an Nginx reverse proxy on Ubuntu server.

2021-12-29 · Solana on the Raspberry Pi and VPSs — Running a Solana test validator on Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi 64bit ARM Cortex-A72 cross CPU architectures. Examples on how to authenticate a test validator on Vultr, Digital Ocean and Linode VPSs.

2021-10-30 · Raspberry Pi 4 SBC Projects — Single board computer for Linux, BSD and alternative OS software projects and experiments.

Last modified on Saturday, Jun 18, 2022.
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