2022-02-07 · Project Serum - Decentralized Exchange on Solana — Setup and fundamentals of the Solana project Serum decentralized exchange (DEX), for trustless on-chain orderbooks and matching engines. Serum enables permissionless, non-custodial Defi with speed and low transaction cost on Solana.

2022-01-15 · Bitcoin: From Software to Hardware Wallets — The need to take self-custody of your own funds should be self evident by now. A post on options and my own journey from the original Bitcoin SPV wallets (Simple Payment Verification), claiming coins from forks to hardware wallets managed by browser extensions.

2021-12-04 · Web3 - What The Internet Was Meant To Be — The Web3 is recently everywhere, my exploratory notes on the technology, its trajectory without the hype and criticism.

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