2022-06-05 · Collapse: Limits to Sustainability — Collapse marks a rapid simplification of society. Surprisingly, collapse tends to be driven by the efforts of civilizations to sustain themselves. Sustainability requires greater consumption and increased complexity. Complexity is a function of problem solving and allows societies to grow, but it is also a key driver behind collapse.

2022-03-28 · Matrix and Vector Arithmetic With Gonum — Multiplying matrices and vectors with Gonum, a set of numeric libraries for Golang, supporting linear algebra, statistics, optimization, and more.

2022-03-27 · Observability: OpenTelemetry Context Propagation in Go — The goal of observability is a holistic understanding of one or more application operations in distributed systems. A superset of monitoring, that holds the ability to measure system internal state by its outputs, such as metrics, events, logs and traces.

2022-02-12 · Modern Day Bread and Circuses — Superficial appeasement, opiates and distraction are tools used by governments when things fall apart. 2000 years after Decimus Junius Juvenalis coined the term ‘Bread and Games’ in Rome in Satire X, the term still coins societies core drive to cater to our most basic desires.

2022-02-07 · Project Serum - Decentralized Exchange on Solana — Setup and fundamentals of the Solana project Serum decentralized exchange (DEX), for trustless on-chain orderbooks and matching engines. Serum enables permissionless, non-custodial Defi with speed and low transaction cost on Solana.

2022-02-05 · The Red Queen Hypothesis — Life is a positive sum game! From molecular arms races to the evolution of sex, the red queen hypothesis states that the primary driver behind evolution is the struggle to survive.

2022-01-30 · Processing Information and Learning — Effectively separating the signal from the noise, recognizing biases and reconstructing problems with first principles for innovation over iteration.

2022-01-16 · Cognitive Biases — With too much information for us humans to process and filter, we’re increasingly susceptible to cognitive biases. In order to avoid biases, it is important to become self aware first and subsequently aware of our biases.

2022-01-15 · Bitcoin: From Software to Hardware Wallets — The need to take self-custody of your own funds should be self evident by now. A post on options and my own journey from the original Bitcoin SPV wallets (Simple Payment Verification), claiming coins from forks to hardware wallets managed by browser extensions.

2021-12-30 · The Probability of Six Sigma Events — Expected frequency calculation of N sigma events, Black Swan probabilities and fat tails. On the ludic fallacy and the misuse of games to model real-life situations.

2021-12-29 · Solana on the Raspberry Pi and VPSs — Running a Solana test validator on Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi 64bit ARM Cortex-A72 cross CPU architectures. Examples on how to authenticate a test validator on Vultr, Digital Ocean and Linode VPSs.

2021-12-26 · Static Site Generator for Web Analytics Dashboards — GoAccess, an open-source, static site generator for privacy focused, self-contained server side analytics dashboards that works for web, onion and the gemini protocol.

2021-12-12 · Solana On-Chain Programs — On building and deploying Solana programs with Rust, the eBPF instruction set and what I learned so far started developing on Solana.

2021-12-12 · Dev Setup for the Solana Blockchain Platform — Foundations for a web3 Javascript client that talks with a Solana on-chain program through JSON RPC.

2021-12-04 · Web3 - What The Internet Was Meant To Be — The Web3 is recently everywhere, my exploratory notes on the technology, its trajectory without the hype and criticism.

2021-11-26 · Aspiring to Writing Well — Care about readers and value. A few timeless rules for the craft of writing and aspiring artisans.

2021-11-25 · Simple SEO Checklist — SEO, search engine optimization, is the zero value task of adding (allegedly) massive value to a website.

2021-11-12 · Replacing packr with go:embed to Embed Files & Directories — Go native tooling to embed static files into binaries for simple deployments and dependency management.

2021-10-30 · Raspberry Pi 4 SBC Projects — Single board computer for Linux, BSD and alternative OS software projects and experiments.

2021-10-02 · Request Idempotence and Distributed Transactions — Distributed transaction handling in service oriented architectures with Saga pattern, orchestration engines such as Cadence and Temporal.

2021-10-01 · Distributed, Fault-Tolerant SQLite Databases — Globally distributed database for reliability with SQLite as a storage engine, allowing for ease of implementation, setup and maintenance.

2021-09-26 · Self Hosted WireGuard VPN on OpenBSD — Notes on setting up an extremely simple, modern VPN that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography to provide proper privacy and can provide perfect forward secrecy.

2021-08-29 · Privacy Phone With Google Pixel and Calyx OS — Driven by growing mistrust in Big Tech, this is an educational journey with a deGoogled, privacy phone, so everything that happens on the phone, stays on the phone.

2021-08-28 · Service Oriented Architecture and Layered Application Design — Application design in SOA setups aid test confidence and maintainability as well as robustness of systems. It requires discipline and guiding standards especially for teams with high autonomy and independence.

2021-07-24 · Hosting Tor Hidden Services with Vanity .onion Addresses — Setting up a Tor v3 hidden service on OpenBSD with vanity .onion address, serving content with httpd.

2021-07-09 · Gemini Gemlog alongside a Go Hugo Blog — The Gemini protocol is a lightweight alternative to http. This post has my notes on deploying gmifs and hosting the Gemini version of this web log on OpenBSD.

2021-07-03 · Gemini: Revival of Simplicity and the Old Internet — Figuring out what made thoe original internet so appealing. Nostalgia and the journey of seeking focus and a high signal to noise ratio in a complex, numbing and noisy world.

2021-07-02 · Why Wrapping Go Errors and How to Unwrap — Go error handling has come a long way, yet it isn’t applied in many packages still and the concepts are often not understood. This post takes a stab at explaining it with simple examples.

2021-07-02 · OpenBSD Web Server with httpd and Let's Encrypt — Setting up an OpenBSD https web server with httpd, acme and free SSL certificates to get an SSL Labs A+ score.

2021-07-01 · Hosted OpenBSD Server Setup — Notes for setting up an OpenBSD cloud server on vultr for $5 a month. What is currently hosting this blog.

2021-06-14 · Hugo blog from scratch - blogging with simple documents — Notes on setting up a minimal web log with hugo from scratch.

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