Debugging Golang Applications With Visual Studio Code — Notes on how to debug golang with VS Code. Launching with dotenv, cmd argumentes, setting breakpoints and investigating stack variables and segmentation faults.

Golang Conditional Compilation With Build Tags — Go does not have a preprocessor but supports build tags. Using Go build tags allows us to compile applications with specific features and include or exclude certain functionality at compile time.

Profiling Golang with pprof — Brief reference guide on how to use Go tool pprof to collect CPU profiles, traces, and heap profiles in order to debug Go applications at runtime on http interfaces.

Ubuntu Nginx Reverse Proxy CORS Headers — Transparently adding Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) headers to an Nginx reverse proxy for exposed services.

Ubuntu Deploy, Build and Run Go Services — Quick and dirty approach for rapid development without CI/CD pipelines. We sometimes have to push and build on target machines in short iterations quickly, on a VPS environment powered by the likes of Vultr, Digital Ocean or Linode, shared with small teams.

Ubuntu Expose Services Behind an Nginx Reverse Proxy — Routing multiple services exposed locally on different ports and paths through an Nginx reverse proxy on Ubuntu server.

Git Config and Snippets — Notes on git config and snippets I use over time to serve as a quick reference. This post includes great answers from StackOverflow that are linked to origin.

Manage Multiple SSH Keys With Different Hosts — Different github, gitlab accounts may use different SSH keys.

How to perform OpenBSD System Upgrades? — Steps to keep OpenBSD boxes updated every 6 month.

How to add any WireGuard VPN Client? — Quick summary of how to create a client configuration from a wireguard server.

OpenBSD Block Country Traffic — Use PF to block traffic by IP address.

OpenBSD log rotate newsyslog — Setting up log rotation and retention on OpenBSD for your custom service log files.

Let's Encrypt PEM Account Key Setup — Account key registration with certbot for later usage with httpd.

Actually Good Encryption — PGP/GPG alternative using small explicit keys, no config options, and UNIX-style composability.

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