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Actually Good Encryption

I prefer age pronounced [aɡe̞] over GPG. It features a simple cli, small keys, no config requirements and UNIX-style composability.

Generate your own pubkey or use mine if you want to send me something

age-keygen -o key.txt
Public key: age1vpyptw64mz2vhtj7tvfh9saj0y8zy8fguety5n3wpmwzpkn0rd6swh02an

The key.txt file also includes the AGE-SECRET-KEY of similar length.

To encrypt a file for me, use the pubkey provided above:

tar cvz ~/data | age -r age1vpyptw64mz2vhtj7tvfh9saj0y8zy8fguety5n3wpmwzpkn0rd6swh02an > data.tar.gz.age

I’ll decrypt it with

age --decrypt -i key.txt data.tar.gz.age > data.tar.gz

That’s it.

Last modified on Saturday, Jul 3, 2021.
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